Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Didn't have a strong year at Hutch. He got passed at CB and moved to safety where he didn't have great numbers.
He didn't get passed at CB from what I'm told, they just moved him. He actually signed there as a safety and then they moved him outside, which is where he belongs.
I've not gotten much more than a vague response but have been working on trying to find out why Tennessee has backed off the kid, because that is the situation here. They dropped him, not the other way around.
Not sure I'd seen this yet, but 247 showing Antonio Doyle has a commitment date set for 12/17. Crossing fingers for 6 or 7 days.
South Carolina
Be interesting to see how this compares to other highly hyped recruiting weekends
A kid that verbaled to us with not be signing. It’s a tough loss but the efforts are still strong here. This class is going to fill out nicely.
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So basically, your typical recruiting happenings. Build it up, doesn't pan out, move on or build it up, pans out and celebrate. Makes for a good drama/comedy.
My call on Antonio Johnson is correct, my call on Antonio Doyle is wrong. They’re both going to sign elsewhere.
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