Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

I hope there is more going on with recruiting than there is in this thread!
Like others, I feel like this is the deciding factor in Lovie's tenure. In an non COVID year, according to the experts, there is a one year delay in recruiting bump for on field success. Well this is COVID so I am assuming we need to show success again to make up for the lack of recruiting availability. We get hammered by the majority of the conference with Lovie's most talented roster...
Iowa CB recruit Jordan Oladokun has decommited again Three star out of FL, though don’t see an offer from Illinois so not sure if we have interest.
Any recruits visiting for the game? /s

I wonder if any staff are going to have like a zoom watch party. I guess has to be a non coaching/ staff role. But I guess they host players for games, so not sure who would typically host. Or who could have a host a watch party
Nothing new in recruiting. In a good spit for the Texas WR, Tavoris Miller is not coming to Illinois, and look for flips as we get close to signing day.
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Are the flips for us or against us?
We will have a couple flip to us. I am sure 1 or 2 will flip from us too. Happens every year. Collier is one to watch if he gets more offers. Purdue offered Prince Green. That may be one to watch.
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