Illinois Football Uniforms

I have come to believe we really should have "simpler" uniforms to fit the brand we want, but for some reason I just don't like these. There is like nothing going on. I actually kind of liked the ones we had before this, TBH. It shouldn't be that hard to screw it up, haha. What I think is more important is how we USE the jerseys we have (once they have been designed to at least be competent). I think the random mixing and matching is awful. I put forth a suggestion template kind of like this in the past, using next year's games:

vs. Akron - Orange/Blue/Orange (default home)
at UConn - Orange/White/Orange (default road)
vs. Eastern Michigan - Orange/Blue/Orange (default home)
vs. Nebraska - Orange/Blue/Orange (default home)
at Minnesota - Orange/White/Orange (default road)
vs. Michigan - All Blue/all Orange/whatever ... use a random big game as your gimmick game
vs. Wisconsin - Gray Ghost uniforms for Homecoming IF you're going to keep them ... I kind of like the idea, and my friends think it's really cool, but I see the argument that we should be wearing O/B/O on Homecoming, too...
at Purdue - Orange/White/Orange (default road)
vs. Rutgers - Orange/Blue/Orange (default home)
at Michigan State - Orange/White/Orange (default road)
at Iowa - Orange/White/Orange (default road)
vs. Northwestern - Blue/Blue/White or Blue/Orange/White and Blue/White/Blue on the road ... LOOK. LIKE. THE. BEARS. Never let those nerds forget our connection to the Bears and Chicago and just how many more alumni and fans we have in the area than they do, even when we've absolutely sucked for years.

Basic formula? Wear your regular jerseys except for special occasions. If we are to keep the Gray Ghost uniforms, wear them on homecoming. Pick one random "big game" (preferably a night game vs. a name opponent) to wear all Orange or all Blue. Against Northwestern, pick a Bears-style lineup. As much as I used to defend the all white look (it honestly does look pretty sharp), it just doesn't look like US. I have come around to believe that I would rather be less stylish but more definitive; someone shouldn't wonder who's playing without looking at the scoreline, they should think "oh, that's Illinois."
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