Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2017)

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Illini were never in the lead with Shaun. Self left spring of Shaun's high school junior year. Weber had from hiring date to November to try. He tried hard. The other open spot was spoken for by Shaun Pruitt.

Shaun's five visits were set for UNC, Illinois, Duke, Arizona and Florida (I think in that order). Florida visit got cancelled with a PG commitment. UNC was the leader but Roy pushed for a commitment on the visit. Shaun was extremely mature and true to the process and promised everyone he was taking the visits scheduled. Roy made the choice to take Quentin Thomas.

Duke then became the leader. Shaun's dad liked what Duke could do for Shaun. Grandpa Livingston connected with Coach k through their military backgrounds.

The Illini stayed in the conversation but never had an edge. Wayne was trying hard and kept the possibility alive. Shaun accepted a late invitation to illinois' midnight madness (or whatever it was called). Shaun was impressed and the family got worried. The Sunday before his Wednesday announcement I played ball with Shaun's dad and he was still concerned illini had done enough.

Obviously they hadn't. I attended the announcement in the Peoria High library not knowing for sure but realizing it was most likely Duke.

One other note. Coach K didn't like Shaun's call telling him he was entering the draft.
I read this as spoken by Shaun Livingston.
MSU board seems pretty upset about McCoy, and saying it was cash.

Kid went to highschool in CA, didn't he? Vegas is right there and he's 1-and-done anyway so what does he care?
Central Illinois
My insider....close to the front line tells me to drink lots of beer tommorow and wear my cup!!!
Sorry, brother, but as with all posts, we take things with a grain of salt. Also, there seems to be a common trend of people with low post counts who suddenly start posting "insider" information prior to imminent commitments. Often times, these posters are looking for the "shock value" and don't post accurate nor insider information.
It is Wednesday 7:30pm now (in Hong Kong), I can tell you that Mark Smith has committed to Illinois. He will be weraring #42. Oops....
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I read this as spoken by Shaun Livingston.
I've known Shaun's dad since high school. I pretty much lived the recruiting saga for two years. What I didn't mention was guys like Chris Mullins (NBA GM at the time) started showing up at all of Shaun's high school games halfway through his senior year. That also changed the dynamic.

The Brian Cook jersey was worn without intent of malice. It's a tired story with me.
Why not just announce his intention to go there then? or does he have to wait a certain period of time after getting out of his LOI to commit elsewhere?
There really is no good answer to this. Maybe he was waiting to see if the younger Porter or Knox would be there. Maybe the family power struggle is still going on. Could be a number of things.
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