Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (August 2018)

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I don't understand why we don't offer Shannon as a 2018 if he's fully qualified as has been reported.
Do we know that we haven't? Do we know that Shannon wants to go to college this year? It seems like if 2018 was a possibility and desire of the kid, that it would be widely known
This rational take is no fun...

...Quick, someone complain that the kid is just following the crowd and isn't brave enough to make his own legacy!
I don't think we should just blindly accept that blue bloods are the best option for everybody. Illinois is a great opportunity. The problem is when folks on here blindly accept the opposite, with a "why would anyone want to go to Kentucky?" attitude.
Why wouldn't he want to go to college in 2018? I mean why go to prep school if you don't have to and then go on visits to DePaul?
IF he wanted to go to College in 18, or had an offer from a school he wanted to be at that badly in 18 he would. He feels he should have offers from bigger/better schools. So he is choosing to showcase his year in prep school and get the offers he feels he deserves. If he doesn't get them, the DePauls of the world will all be available to him a year from now.
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Well, that sucks. I'm going to be bitter boy now and completely orange glasses clad....we already have Khalil Whitney on our team....his name is Tevian Jones.
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This is really discouraging.
Eh, I don't feel the same. We should be disappointed losing recruiting battles to the likes of other Big Ten schools, but losing recruiting battles to Kentucky usually means that (given the current state of Illinois basketball) the recruit was out of our league anyway. At some point, this will be discouraging, but not right now.
Has this changed? Not that many years ago only Freshman had to live in a dorm and it didn't have to be the 6 pack. It could be any university affiliated dorm.
Well the 6 Pack and bromley are probably the two nicest dorms to live in on campus and I am pretty sure they give athletes the nicest possible housing. If they threw our basketball players in ISR, PAR, or FAR, I would 100% understand why we suck at recruiting.
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Well, I never wanted KW anyway. I've been saying he is WAY over rated for 8+ years now. ;)

Man, I'm REALLY good at revisionist history.
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