Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (February 2020)

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Was Miller the only one there last night, didn't see any others or missed them?
Aurora, IL
I just watched 3 plays in the 3Q. Curbelo had a behind the back dribble into the lane for a smooth 12 foot jumper/floater, a sweet pass on a fast break that the big man mishandled, a defensive rebound and a deep three. Very impressive. Looks naturally smooth.
Yikes! Yikes!, just watched Curbello and announcers just called him the best player in that game and there were some good ones. This sh*t is about to get real next year. I think that game will be stored so if you get a chance watch it. Impressive, announcers were slobbering all over him. Not sure if that was his Dad that came down after the game with the Illini shirt on and tried to hand him the Puerto Rican flag.
We are getting a good one folks.
just watched Curbelo, what a great game. We got a good one coming to Champaign. We have a guard who opposing big10 teams/fans will be asking when is he gonna graduate so we don’t have to watch him carve us up.
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