Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (February 2020)

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Good chance Duke winds up with Griffin, Baldwin Jr., Kennedy Chandler, and Paolo Banchero. They won't need Christie and likely would not have a ride.
With Duke it's always a crapshoot on how many guys go pro. They are already oversigned by 2 for 2020 and with the Griffin commitment they have zero open for 2021. NW is in hot pursuit and were at the Fenwick game held at NW on Saturday. Both parents went to NW and Mom was a star BB player. Purdue has made him a priority too. Long, long way to go on Christie. Having him in C/U on Tuesday is really good.
One thing to keep an eye on is whether Christie stays at RM or whether he goes the Oak Hills type school route.
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What still infuriates is LaPhonso Ellis saying on ESPN that Illinois really made a big mistake in hiring Underwood and not Martin. I know they were teammates but I'm really going to enjoy it when CM gets let go.
I remember watching when he said that; really inappropriate for a supposedly unbiased commentator. As I recall, whoever was working with him kind of called him on it, or at least was bothered by it.
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Haven't seen much other than small clips. Just from descriptions, more athletic Jalen Brunson?
Curbello closest comparison is Bibby, many laughed when I made it 3 months ago. Similiar size and game, both were pass first guards who could make midrange, 3 pointers, and in the lane floater.
Would Cowan be a good comparison? Or Winston?
We have one of the best guards in the Big 10 in Trent Frazier. He is a known, not an unknown. If you attend the games and watch Trent on defense he leaves you even more impressed with his game. So when folks talk about next years commits and possible commits, I want to see them beat out Trent. If they can do that, then they are really special.
Since Trent can't stay on the floor that shouldn't be a problem
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Watching the Sierra/Luhi game now. WOW we hit the jackpot with Curbelo. Flabbergasted that he is ranked so low and not a burger boy.
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Christie and Kam Craft put on quite the show in a great game this weekend. Craft ('22) seems like a kid we should keep our eyes on.
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