Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

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Top-40 players on next year’s roster: Ayo, Kofi
Top 41-100 players on next year’s roster: Jones, January
Top 101-150 players on next year’s roster: Frazier, Williams, Griffin
Top JUCO Point Guard returning: Feliz
Proven bigs returning: Georgi
Former top 100 players in their class but reclassified and dropped in rank: Kane

Say what you want, but there’s talent on this roster next year.


bench: Williams, Griffin, Kane, Feliz

potential pick ups: Archie, Shannon,...?
This is filled with so many gems, but two of which that stand out that may otherwise be obscured by the obvious:

1. "No one has worked harder than Coach Underwood and his staff" - Yeah, that is what I want from my coaching staff

2. "I'm looking forward to recruiting other players to come to Illinois with me" - Let's see how this plays out, but if he is able to bring someone along for this class (rumours of January notwithstanding and irrespective of Archie transferring), I am very happy. Maybe the "unsigned recruit" could be Brown, maybe it could be someone in the future, but I am mighty happy if he can deliver.

This was not a part of his post or anyone else, but let's not forget AG for playing host to Kofi during his visit. Give me players who can sell this program, outside of Trent, and change will be impacted quicker than expected. Game on!
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Can't wait to see Kofi post up in conference play, Giorgi to pass from high post, Williams to become more confident, Hopefully add either Brown or Archie, although preference is Brown. Ayo and Trent spend the off season working together to become an effective 1/2 this team with some experience could be onto something.

Talent is elevated with Kofi, maybe January, definately Brown if we can land him...and the freshman all making strides!
Great news! Much needed for the Illini. I’m asking for the near impossibility because I myself find it challenging. Patience through this year and development will be worth it.

Go Illini
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