Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

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Maybe this is the transfer, very athletic, hustles so high motor, not great at shot creation, more of a slashing type. Oregon has some of the same issues scoring the ball as we do overall?


He only wants to be in college a year, wants to play for a team competing for the tournament C-Ship, and a school regularly in the tournament....welcome to....
I thought the collective hive mind had decided that if we were getting a mid season transfer, that he was a Big 12 wing.
Springfield, IL
Who would that be?
I don’t know who it is - I just read that the player hadn’t announced their intent to transfer yet - and these are 2 new players we were once in with who have now announced intent to transfer?
PAC 12 wing--Abu Kigab
This is what I was talking about, I think it was discussed in length, even before Kigab announced his transfer intentions (not saying those who claim to be behind the scenes wouldn't know before he announced, but the timeline wouldn't make sense for Kigab). I also know nothing so TIFWIW.
That's the twitter rumors. But I also have a feeling that Cuonzo probably has never really stopped recruiting Gordon. Not that Ford is my favorite or necessarily an ethical example among coaches, but I wonder if he's had to work against the well being poisoned.
I don't think Missouri has any interest in Gordon. Last year he took a blindsided cheap shot after a play on 2019 Missouri recruit Mario McKinney while Martin was in attendance.
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