Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

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So with your logic of “practice equals playing time...”.

If he brings more to the team or is less of a liability out there in games in regards to execution and positioning, why isn’t he getting more consistent minutes? It’s because knowing where to be, knowing what to do and then physically being able to do it in a way in which it positively impacts the game are very different things. The potential playmaking ability of AG and TJ is exponentially higher than TU.

We don’t know what goes on in practice. You are correct. But the side of the discussion opposite your view is more than “garbage”. BU has been coaching for a while. I trust he has forgotten more than any of us will ever know about basketball. The main point some of us are trying to make is it is bad optics for a program that has struggled to attract high level recruits and had a mass exodus of players last year. Say what you will, it is easy ammo for opposing coaches out on the recruiting trail. Recruits don’t see what happens in practice either. They just see a coaches walk-on son playing minutes, significant or not, in meaningful parts of games over 3/4 star recruits and when he is out there he looks like an average D3 player trying not to make mistakes.
Well it worked out fine while you guys were crying about it during the Florida Atlantic game that Kofi was attending. Recruits can talk to their friends that are on the team. He spent time with Alan Griffin then committed. The same Alan Griffin that you guys are saying deserves minutes over Tyler Underwood. With your logic Alan told Kofi this place is terrible cause the coaches son is getting minutes over me. I'm quite convinced that Alan had a lot of good things to say about the coach and this team otherwise we wouldn't have gotten a verbal from Kofi. And yes, recruits do get to see the team practice, when they are on a visit.
I think Kaden Archie is coming. I have no proof of this other than I think Saturday’s initial report was correct.

That being said, how does he really fit? He seems to be similar to Mark Smith in that he doesn’t have the speed, shooting, or ball skills to play the 3 at a high level. Yet he is too small to play the 4 effectively. This is why his playing time has been limited at TCU and he wants to transfer.

In other words, he reminds me of Kipper, Tevian Jones, and Anthony Higgs. Three guys who seem to be tweeters between the 3 and 4 spot. (I could be wrong about Higgs as I haven’t seen him play.). We also have Alan Griffith who is 6’ 5” and hasn’t done much at the 3 spot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be thrilled if he chooses the Illini. Archie is a talent and he could become a great player with this team. But it’s going to take time. And right now we have several unproven players at the 3-4 spot. As Archie seems to want immediate playing time, how does he fit???
I don't believe we have seen enough of Tevian Jones to term him a tweener. What little I have seen of him makes me think he could definitely be a three. Griffin has rebounded very well for the most part, but again, both are mid-level rated guys who are freshman and they don't get a lot of minutes, so there really isn't much to take away from what is seen on the court at this time.
Did you see Whitney's last interview? From his own words, it sounded like he was 100% committed to UK. Caroline isn't coming either. lol
How do you know this little nugget? Gut, guessing, or inside info?

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closer to home - How about Kenny Battle & Ken Norman? Maybe we should be looking for transfers named Ken?
KB was more like Rice. High level of success at mid major and moving up. Norman was Junior College.
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