Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

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We're 4-12 and you're over here talking about having too many quality players.
Agreed but playing time is an issue for some people. It is often brought up as a reason why players may not choose other schools, for example "Kofi could be less attracted to UConn because they just got big man AA." One would hope the star wing recruits see the 4-12 the way you're putting it. For the C position, there is a giant void that someone like Kofi can see and say to themselves "When I get to campus I get the starters minutes from day one. There will be no one, and I mean no one, who is going to be on the court leading in that position all season long the way I am--not Georgi, Samba, or Antwan J." (KC and GB can play together.)
Jan 9, 2019 :: Illinois targeting newly committed Kofi Cockburn’s teammate, Christian Brown.


According to sources, Brown is planning a visit to Illinois but “it’s not set up just yet,” source said.

Orlando Antigua and Brad Underwood saw the two play a few weeks back and left very intrigued with both, especially Brown who they’ve got major interest with.

Many wonder if Cockburn can pull off getting his teammate to Illinois who could potentially get two top-70 recruits. They’re competing with Georgia, Clemson, and many others.
This board is truly an amazing group. In about a week we have gone from complete despair with no hope for the program to a position where we may need to decide which two Five Star wings we will have to turn down. All this with a tour of every sleezy college bar in the Midwest thrown in too.

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Point well taken but my concern wasn't having to turn players down but how to convince them to come here. As 0440 and others have informed, they won't be concerned about getting PT after all
Hearing that AJ's transcripts are looking better than initially expected and an excellerated course path is being advised and set in place to ensure that we get our California big man on campus! next fall!

Very, very positve feedback about the visit so far!! Let's hope it all works out in the long-run!! 🙏🏆
Do you mean next summer or fall, like Samba?
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