Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

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.4 percent is still in it kids
And can't seem to hit a three.
Obviously that can change and we all hope it does. I think I've read on here that he's deadeye in practice. But what is he in real games? 1 for 11 or something?
Leron Black didn't get there until his Junior year (possibly later part of Soph). But Giorgi's stroke looks pretty good.
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Some knocks on Ayo that some scouts have mentioned is poor on ball defense, lack of lateral quickness, mid range scoring and better decision making.
I don’t believe he will consider leaving till after year 2. Most of his weaknesses can be greatly improved with his type of work ethic.
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Having a one and done 1st rounder from Chicago would do things for recruiting. You reference the national title game but that coaching staff was not good at recruiting. The only one that was even moderately competent was Tracy Webster. OA and Chin are in a much different league.

All these close calls with top recruits turn into more wins with a first rounder in your pocket.

The success on the court comes with talented players. With moderate to poor talent this team is competing. True they are not winning but they are not getting blown out of the gym even when they play very good teams. You upgrade the talent at a few positions and there is a much different product on the floor. That talent is more likely to come if Ayo is a 1st rounder.

In a perfect world you get a year of Ayo+ Kofi to not only show off the talent but to get a decent run (w-l). A line up with TF, AD, TJ, GB, and KC will definitely compete and should be a no doubt tourney team
Don't forget January.
The way I see it, having Ayo stay for second year is considerably more beneficial for the team. Having a top 30-35 player be a one and done is no doubt helpful for recruiting. It probably mostly impacts top 50 kids who are thinking that is a real option for them. But winning helps recruit everyone. And if Ayo comes back and helps us get back to the tournament, have a winning big ten record, and perhaps be ranked, and THEN goes to the NBA, that seems like a best case scenario. Trying to recruit against us by saying it took a top 30 kid 2 FULL YEARS to make it to the league doesn't seem like it would be a great tactic for a lot of other coaches.

As I said, top 50 kids think they can be one and done, but EVERYONE wants to win.
Hate to be a negative Nancy but looking at teams like UCLA with all this young 4 and 5 star talent it makes you wonder no matter what talent we bring in if Underwood’s system will ever work. I know are schedule has been brutal this season, and our roster is so young but you have to wonder how big a leap some of these guys make next year to even move us within range of the bubble. Adding Kofi is a start, but Underwood needs to change something fast because Kofi can be developed into an absolute beast down low because I know he has so much potential with that frame, or from looking at his highlight tapes never develop any post moves and solely rely on dunks and midrange. I love that he could be Shaq 2.0, but I have also rarely seen a hook shot or off the glass due to his superior size he has not needed to do that.
Two be forreal ucla is without their top scorer and 2 big freshman out for the season
I will root hard for the kid if he comes out, but the mental part of the game needs another year
I think it will be his junior year. He is going to have to polish the skills that he does have. I think he can be a savvy “pro’s pro” but it will take him time to get the strength and wisdom to be ready. My opinion is that he will have to win with fundementals and smarts. He really needs to tighten his handle and get stronger with the ball. He has an old school slickness to his game and I hope it is a win/win for him and the basketball program.
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Ayo was at #24 in espn newest mock draft
That seems high I haven't even seen his name in any other mock draft. I don't have a strong opinion about if he should go or not. I just want Illinois players to be draft high and successful in the NBA. So I hope whoever gives him advice is knowledgable about it.
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Ayo was at #24 in espn newest mock draft
Late first round IF he continues to improve seems plausible to me. NBA seems to value underclassmen potential more than 4 year guys. If it happens, that means we got to watch something special. Plus its a great selling point. Illinois can put you in the NBA in one year and you won’t be sitting on the bench at Kentucky.
Who knows what these kids are going to do.............Jeremiah Richmond anyone.

I just want Illinois to get good at basketball again, and that is a much easier task with a Sophomore Ayo on the team.
We need to go to the dance. That’s what will help recruiting, more than sending a player to warm an NBA bench. We have to hope Ayo stays at least one more year.
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Two be forreal ucla is without their top scorer and 2 big freshman out for the season
Yeah I saw that but there Top three scorers are all 5 stars in their freshman and sophomore years. They have a few other 4 stars sprinkled around their team too. I’m just saying that if those guys are losing to teams like Princeton and Belmont that there is no guarantee that if we keep getting guys like Kofi and Ayo that we win eventually. I fully have faith that we will, but I would like to see Underwood make some good adjustments. I don’t even care if we get blown out in the R64, just seeing Illinois make it back to that stage is a big step.
Remember how Meyers Leonard going 11th showed all these 5 star big men how Illinois could get them to the show??

Yeah me neither.

Well it beats what we have to sell at the moment!🤣

It’s not like I’m trying to push him out the door, but if he leaves it’s not all bad either.
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Remember how Meyers Leonard going 11th showed all these 5 star big men how Illinois could get them to the show??

Yeah me neither.

1. I think most people would look at the recruiting boon as a silver lining...not an all out net positive. Everyone wants Ayo here next year.

2. Meyers’ coach was fired the last year he played here so the new Illinois coach couldn’t leverage that tactic since it wasn’t HIS player that HE got to the draft. Different situations...
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Remember how Meyers Leonard going 11th showed all these 5 star big men how Illinois could get them to the show??

Yeah me neither.

It's almost like different coaches are able to capitalize on potential recruiting pitches differently. *gasp*

I know, I know. It's hard to believe that something can be useful for one person and totally useless for another. Believe me, though, different people really do often have entirely different skill sets.

In the hands of a skilled recruiter (e.g. Antigua or Coleman, presumably), being able to point to concrete, recent success in developing a player and getting them into the league can absolutely be a boon for recruiting. It is, of course, certainly possible to squander such advantages as well.
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Who has been the most hyped Illini basketball recruit and biggest disappointment?

Who has been the least typed Illini basketball recruit and biggest surprise?

On the current roster, or in general?

Generally, Richmond was the biggest disappointment -- mostly because of the context. Dude was a top 3 recruit at one point, and his commitment came at a time when our program was sinking and Weber was struggling to get any recruiting momentum going. You think Cockburn committing was a big shot in the arm? Richmond committing was 10x that.

Least hyped and biggest surprise? Mike Davis is a great candidate -- really, really outperformed his prep reputation. There are also the Kevin Turners of the world -- overshadowed by 5* kids like Notree -- and then journeymen like Archibald.
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