Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

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I'd sure like to put this S&C discussion to bed. We've gotten stronger and dodged injuries. (knock on wood) Shooting
is only a conversation when you miss. Our FG % isn't terrible for the amount of threes we shoot, youth (which translates
to bad shots) and lack of big men making lay ups. 42.9% shooting is 256th out of 351 teams isn't great but IU is top in
the big ten and is 23rd and shooting 48.6%. only 5.7% higher.

start a separate thread re: S&C if you like but lets get back to recruiting!
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Maybe more than I thought. Diamond in the rough??
Videos of antwan january basketball workout
Those highlights are from 5/31/18. January has NBA potential, no doubt, but no one seems to know his whereabouts with regards to his 5th year prep enrollment and furthermore he has not played an organized game since November. One of the more bizarre Illinois recruitments of all time. If staff pulls this one off, anything is possible.

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For those of you who have Kofi on snapchat, I encourage you to go check out his snap today. They're on a road trip and are having a lot of fun Lol!

But he posted a snap of him throwing down a viscous windmill dunk! For those of us that saw their Nationally televised game a few weeks ago, he really didn't quite get to showcase his althetiscm very well and this brief video clip him posted will show just exactly what type of monster we're going to be dealing with next year!! 🔸🔹🔸🔹
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