Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (July 2019)

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Just watched the European U18 with Saba Gigiberia , and although he’s not a shooter, I think he could end up being a nice project. Timing and hands seem good, and he’s very active. Good defense. Needs Fletch to work on his legs some.
Forgot to mention his rebounding. Though he doesn’t jump well, his timing and reach make up for it. May get a lot of over the back calls until he gets used to taller players.
Twitter Tuesday: North Carolina, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Illinois

Does Illinois land Adam Miller or DJ Steward? Or both? Illinois is always in the hunt but does it translate to a good 2020 class?

The Illini are in a great spot with Adam Miller and
D.J. Steward, but I would be surprised if they land both. Of the two, Miller is probably be their best bet. Steward is not a pipe dream, though, and his visit to campus went well last week. Neither of their commitments will be earned easily, which is the norm for any top-50 prospect, but I do see the Illini landing one of the two this fall.

Speaking more on Illinois’ 2020 class as a whole, questions remain as to where else the program might strike this fall. While I do think the Illini will land either Steward or Miller, they aren’t out in front for many of their other targets outside of maybe Ryan Kalkbrenner. They could fall on their faces or really hit it off as they have placed a good amount of attention with Marcus Watson, Andre Curbelo and Cliff Omoruyi. A Miller and Kalkbrenner grouping along with a Watson or Curbelo class would suffice, but the Illini could also land a big one in Miller and miss on everyone else, similar to what happened last year.

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Nike EYBL Defensive Player of the Year: Ryan Kalkbrenner

Irvin was asked to explain Kalkbrenner as a player, and he proceeded to give a glowing review.

"First of all, he's 7-foot and mobile," Irvin explained. "He can guard a pick and roll, he blocks shots, and he can guard all five positions. He's a very smart defender."

One of the most noticeable parts of Kalkbrenner's game?

"He never gets in foul trouble," said Irvin.

That notion is backed up by Kalkbrenner's 1.6 personal fouls per game. This has allowed him to constantly be on the floor for the Fire, and their defense has proven to be amongst the league's best when he's manning the backline.
Nike EYBL Performance of the Year: DJ Steward

Every EYBL season, there are a number of performances that stand out from the pack for different reasons.

None were more complete than DJ Steward's session-closing performance in Indy.

Steward was already having a career day against Vegas Elite in the closing game of EYBL Indianapolis.

The final shot put the cherry on top.
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