Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (July 2020)

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Chicago, IL
Hearing that Hoyas and Terps are in the lead.
With him being from Baltimore, that makes sense. I'm assuming he'd like to stay closer to home so his family could see him play, but I know that's not always a good assumption.
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There is some question as to whether or not Stanley has the right credits to be a grad student, if not he will have to go the transfer route and hope he gets the "sick Grandma" waiver. Not sure why we would take him in the sit out transfer role..
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Whenever I read "ground to make up" we never end up landing that not holding out hope for this one
Foster is going pro. Once he decided against re-class the decision was made.

We will still wind up with a great class. Where things stand right now, a class of Goode, Jones, Etienne, and Nesbitt is very attainable. :shield:
I see that this is the dream class if Foster is unavailable or unwilling to come. At first look I thought it was too many wings but with Trent & DMW graduating & AYO definately gone next year of not this year it fits. Man they should be all over Nesbitt. He is a killer
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