Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2019)

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I dont think it's fair to judge a player by one game. I trust our staff. I'm 56 and I recall Harper going 1 for 19 and yet to me he is one of the best players to wear orange n blue.
I'm not saying this guy is anywhere close to that but we all have off days. In BU I trust.
Very fair point. Just saying that his numbers considering the level of competition, combined with the fact that others on the team have a year+ in the system, makes me believe he would not be starting for us. I think he’d have to compete for a rotation spot.

Feels like low risk, low reward —- which is fine.
Reminder: Top 100 2020 big man Ryan Kalkbrenner is scheduled to unofficially visit UI today. Kalkbrenner led the EYBL in blocks and was top 10 in rebounds. Recently visited Creighton and Mizzou. Hopefully the first in a few 2020 visits from top targets this month.
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On a basketball note, Michael Foster is a pipe dream, but who knows. I would have thought Kofi was 2 years ago.
Yes. We have the MIF tie-in and we hope he loves playing with Miller (and, of course, Miller's an Illini). Same thing with Watson. But there a lot of conditionals here and all the big dogs want him. He's most likely a one and done. Not feeling it. At all.
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Who’s visiting on campus now? Just saw Walker carting around a skinny red head on Green Street.
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