Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2019)

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IMO Underwood is ahead of Groce bc he has a better percentage of bagging those top guys (though he has brought in significantly less of them). I just get this feeling like Groce & staff was a little pie-in-the-sky Pollyanna, where Underwood & staff has a bettter pulse of reality.
Groce was over his head but did a good job masquerading it for awhile. Never should have been hired.
He was basically the best that Mike Thomas could land - which is more of an indictment on MT. I don’t blame John Groce for aiming high - he really thought he could do a great job, bless his heart.
If we got DJax we would have been very much okay. But, ya know, we didn't and we very much were not okay.
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Here’s a quick question: Do people still think Underwood is in over his head?
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Here’s a quick question: Do people still think Underwood is in over his head?
Never did. He was handed nothing and tried to make a team out of it. Year two was a total rebuild, so could be considered year one all over again. And you can't build a team in one year. He stayed positive with the players he had, but is trying to recruit a balanced team that is able to play the style he believes will win. I never felt that Groce had a plan other than to play hard. Underwood knows what he is trying to build. Now we just have to wait and see if it works. But it won't be because of the job being to big for him.
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Imagine if Illinois could close on this 2021 class below after landing Miller & Burnett and/or Steward in the 2020 class. #icandream

#6 Foster (PF)
#8 AJ Griffin (SF)
#9 Max Christie (SG)
#21 Harrison Ingram (SF)
Do we have enough schollys? Can Brad count? /s
Here’s a quick question: Do people still think Underwood is in over his head?
I think the ones who thought that from the beginning probably still do, but those are few and far between. However, the jury is still out as it was on Groce at this point in his tenure.
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The fact that there were no transfers from last year's squad speaks volumes about Underwood IMO.
Really a great job by Underwood and staff to keep this group together.

Lot of teams won’t be able to keep up with our pace and depth next year.

Another year with the guys in the system and I think BU will confidently be able to go 10-11 deep next year, which will allow recruits to really see what BU’s system can do when he has solid depth.

Should be considerable improvement from last year.
I thought Underwood was a great hire; especially after he formed his staff. I knew it would be a ground up rebuild after some of the early transfers. I did worry after all of the attrition and late signees. If we had lost more starters this year, then I’d have serious culture concerns, and excpect this to be his last deserved year.

The fact he kept the team intact, and added a top 50 player at our position of greatest weakness has me relatively very excited for next season (more so than any in the last 10 years).

I think he’s going to pull this rebuild off. Imo, We need to make the tourney, and Ayo needs to be drafted. If Giorgi is drafted, then even better. If they can pull that off then I think we’re headed back towards the glory days.
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