Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)

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Does anyone know if Tchikou is eligible for a reclass? Or even considering it if so? I haven’t heard anything, these rumblings just have me curious
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Wait, did Etienne reclass get shot down yet? Seems like a good candidate for it, and what a difference it would make for him to play a year with Kofi before he leaves.
Yeah i am thinking Etienne. He would provide good minutes at the 4 especially when we go with 3 small guards. Him and Kofi on the boards and Curbelo, Frazier, and Miller at the guard positions. Either way you slice it meaningful minutes will be available at the 4 and 5 spot for someone of his caliber. He would allow the others(Grandison, Hutcherson)to spend more time at their more natural positions. Damonte as well.
I know Foster said he’s staying in HS, but that just doesn’t make practical sense to me. Maybe he had a change of heart.
His points per 40 minutes was okay. Not Earth-shattering, but okay.
He also was clearly a project big, so I’m not sure expectations really should be that he would be tearing it up even at the JC level.
If not Brian, I'd settle for Norm.
Billy Rucks and Norm Cook --- two exquisite references from my deep past! They have the Lincoln/Mt. Pulaski area of downstate, IL in common. Giants in the game of basketball (pun intended).
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Just my suggestion. Of course one is allowed to come early.
If Etienne reclasses, it won't be for us. Why would he want to reclass to just be Kofi's backup? If a reclass is coming it could be Weston. You would think if he truly was committed to the prep school route, he would've said where he's going by now. Definitely see the staff trying to get him to reclass and commit before Juwan has any chance to get him to Ann Arbor for a visit.
In general, I can see a few positive reasons for a reclass. I forget restrictions for NBA draft, but age limit/ 1 year out of high school. Starts process sooner. Instead of another year of HS, could do a redshirt year/ college transition year and get to practice against college players, especially with/ against Kofi.
Further looking ahead, will there be a HS basketball season?? College season?? Better off spending the year at a college practicing against better players, nutrition and weightlifting plans, better coaching.
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