Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)

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Oh, how quaint. But you guys haven't even scratched the surface of weird Ronald McDonald stuff on the Internet.

Also, I was talking to a friend at work today about Orlando... if he keeps this up, I hope he's not tempted to take another stab at HC. I'd prefer he just turn Illinois into Big Man U.
Like all news today, listen to what they are not telling you, not what they are. Go ILLINI
James Griffin too -- who entered school in 1978. He was a center from Texas --- 6'10 and under 200 lbs. He was a big contributor on the Eddie Johnson team that beat MSU/Magic a year later.

Griff, Nick Smith and Tisdale are all great Lieb comparisons. Griff didn't have the outside range, however.
Griff had a great outside shot! Henson wanted him to stay close to the basket, however. Henson wanted to keep an interior defensive player occupied to free up EJ, Mark Smith, and Levi Cobb. Eddie was an excellent offensive rebounder.
So Kofi leaves if he gets one?
Players who get an invite have something like an 80% chance of getting drafted. On the other hand, only 11 players total have been drafted in last 5 years without an invite.

The NBA teams nominate players for the combine, so if you aren’t invited then you aren’t in the top few choices for any team really.

With the combine after the draft NCAA withdrawal date I imagine every player with an invite would take their chances staying in the draft.
We need to get these twins Amen and Ausur Thompson. They would be a good fit after we loose Ayo, Miller, and Fraizer

Based purely on all those Draft rankings out there, I am guessing he isn't going to get one. I hope he does though. Did we get a tentative date on the combine yet?
Not that I am aware of, I'm being told the combine is most likely going to be virtual.
With the withdrawal date of aug 3rd I would imagine the invites will be going out within a few weeks.
Teams have had the ballots since may to vote on who they want invited.
So Kofi leaves if he gets one?
Kofi hasn't been listed in the top 70 in any rankings that are reliable, so it's very unlikely he will get one.
To put it into perspective most dont believe luka Garza will get one either and he was the best big in the country last year.
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Sounds like he wants immediate PT. I just don't see 5 minutes a game available for Tchikou as a freshman here. Unless he's just completely off the charts.
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