Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (June 2020)

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Can you elaborate on how you think Nunn's situation applies?

I would think a draftee would be in a narrow range based on position, the rookie scale, and the salaries of the similarly drafted players in prior years. Last year was about $1.6 mil for a one year deal for the 30th pick, and the league minimum is about $900k. I wouldn't expect much leverage in that situation given how those salaries drop off and the relative value of those players. Further --if a team drafts a player because they have a much higher view of said player, going undrafted is more likely to mean no contract. As far as guarantees, it's actually pretty common for 2nd rounders to have those. Was reading an article that looked at 6 years of 2nd rounders and found 75% structure their deals that way. Finally, as a practical matter, how many 2nd rounders shun their final offers --seems unlikely, although I don't have data on it.
Kendrick as you know went undrafted and in an interview I saw, he said it was good because he negotiated with 5 or 6 teams and ended up with one of the NBA's best organizations, the Warriors. He played on their G League Summer team, Santa Cruz, which won the Summer league championship. He had a tremendous season with Santa Cruz and ultimately ended up signing with Miami. Would he have been better off as the 55th pick with some other franchise, we will never know. I always hear that the first 45 or so picks are fine but the that back 15 is a real crapshoot. We will see shortly.
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I'll take 5 Nesbitt's please, love the way this kid plays. Epitome of the swag Underwood is constantly reinforcing this program needs.
Nesbitt looks good! Strong, quick, skilled. He looks like he could be an excellent college player.
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Like I said tho it’s not for sure, just a couple of people have been speculating. Wait and see :cool:
Yep-it’s happening tomorrow. One down, let’s hope number two decides to return! Much longer shot, but still a slight possibility
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