Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2018)

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Nice! The thing is - these dunks are happening in games at the high school level. Would be nice to see if he can play D and dribble. Joe Bertrand comes to mind until more vids show more.

He reminds me of Luther Head as a freshman or sophomore. I think he quit doing this after he hurt his knee.
Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

This video has a little bit more of an all-around showcase (still lots of dunks and not sure about the level of competition)
Nice to see he also has some range and other basic skills. The players he’s going against don’t exactly look tiny either.

This video is from a full year ago as well. Kid seems to have a pretty high ceiling (both literally and figuratively). :)

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The Big10 went to "guaranteed four year scholarships" for all student athletes in 2014. I believe this removed the "renewal" clause. If it did not, can you please provide a link to the current big ten bylaws? I failed to find one.
I was referring to the NCAA bylaws.

The rule you are talking about doesn't replace them. That rule is that if a player stops playing, they will continue to get a scholarship. It will not be an athletic scholarship however. They won't count towards any NCAA limits, and because they are no longer on the team, it is not relevant to the question asked.
In my life I don't think I've ever seen hops like that. Maybe Ronnie Fields.
Ronnie fields had a couple extra rungs on his ladder. In danger of beheading himself on the rim every time he jumped.

That said I would gladly watch this kid in transition or be the first cutter in spread for a few years.
Very fortunate that the coaching staff does the recruiting, and not the posters......

Ayo, Ramey, Jones, Griffin and Samba Kane and I'm a very happy guy.
Niven Glover. Oak Ridge High School where he attends is in Orlando. This kid can flat out jump. Luther Head 2.0. Raw talent but played on a team that just won the class 9A championship and was loaded with players including Emmitt Williams who signed with LSU and another kid going to Texas A&M. Also Damon Harge ( You Tube Fame) was the point guard.
I have. Tyke Peacock from right in Urbana. 6'1" and high jumped over 7'7". Used to be at Huff alot years ago. He actually played hoops at KSU too. That kid can jump though for sure.
Check out Franklin Jacobs. 5'8" and high jumped 7'7 1/4" . Pretty sure he still has the world record for jump above his height. Got screwed like many by Jimmy Carter's misguided attempts to reign in the Soviets in 1980. Pretty sure he played hoops at Farleigh Dickinson as well as high jumping.
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