Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2019)

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It was pretty drawn out. IIRC it was pretty late when Ebo announced. Late May? Someone here knows.
Ebo announced in early June, though it seemed to catch everyone by surprise since it was unusually late in the cycle. I wouldn't expect a similarly-timed announcement this year (though to be fair, we didn't expect it last year, either).
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Is there a movie on this flight?
Pierce is a NW lean.
Am really surprised by that. Yeah, he'll get major minutes, but they're gonna suck next year. If success is part of the equation, I think many schools offer a better situation. And, no, I don't think he's coming to Illinois.

His dad is a Northwestern alum. Mom may be too. So, there's that. NU is close to home, but he was in Virginia the past 3 years.
We will definitely have a chance with AJ. Not saying we land him, but c'mon.
Yeah I don't buy that we don't have a chance either.

If Alan enjoys some sort of a sophomore breakout and we can make an appearance or two in the top 25 I think we'll get consideration. All we need to be able to prove is that we are one guy(younger Griffin) away from a top 10 caliber team.

If Morant can get drafted 3rd at Murray State AJ should be able to see he can go play with his bro and get drafted at illinois.
Falzone also. Don’t pay much attention, but benson had the starting gig locked up after waiting behind pardon 3-4 years (rs?)
If I had to sit for three years behind a guy named Dererk, I'd leave too.

I'm assuming that Collins' agent is furiously calling every NBA front office trying to line up an assistant gig. Northwestern basketball is back...
I have heard the staff may take up to 2 transfers and one GT. Some names that have been thrown around are TJ Holyfield, Tulio Da Silva, Spencer Foley and Javon Freeman.

Enroll Kofi. Hope January is eligible. Staff still looking for a wing in '19. Tristan Enaruna is one to watch.

Expect our wing search to ramp up when coaches start leaving programs and kids starting getting their release. They have a kid in mind they really want if a certain coach leaves.

Taking in 5-6 for next year is a real possibility.
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