Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

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I’ll miss him, but he never showed much potential, did he?
After speaking with his father, the Joke has decided to enter the transfer portal. Both the Joke and the university have decided it is mutually beneficial to go in separate directions. Please respect the Joke's decision.
Some people will argue that BU is too hard on bad jokes and that humor has passed him by. Personally I just think jokes today are too soft.
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All Jokes aside, I thought we might hear something on Holyfield by now? Guess not. :(
I said TJH was a lock. If I tell you it’s Christmas, you might as well hang up your stocking.
Since there's no such thing as a lock, I'll keep my stocking in storage for now. That said, I think everyone likes to get insider info & opinions, and would trade their stockings for more.
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