Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

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10 minutes of playing guys 6'8", 6'9", and 7 foot is a nightmare.
I hope it will be, but it'll depend on if we can still defend well with that lineup and if Giorgi will be effective moved further from the basket (or if they can find a way to get him keep him and Kofi close to the basket). It could work, but Holyfield would be our most natural 4, and sacrificing 10 minutes of him at that position likely means playing Kipper or Tev for 10 more minutes OUT of their more natural position. It'll be interesting to see, but my far too early speculation is that we won't see that lineup much.
A lot depends on the development of Samba and Tevian. If TJ plays the 3, then either Samba, Kipper or Tevian must have minutes at the 4 or 5. Need TJ's minutes at the 4 for rebounding and defense more than any advantage he would have over Tevian, Alan, DaMonte, or Kipper at the 3 IMO. However, I do think there will be many different combinations over the season based on development, chemistry, and matchups. BU has lots of different pieces that he hasn't had before.
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University of Illinois was something on social media.....presentation.........incredibly subtle :)
On Twitter, the primary logos for Oregon, Kansas and Texas Tech are on the left with the secondary logo on the right, but for Illinois, the secondary logo is on the left with the primary logo on the right.
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It appears that Texas Texas has 5 signed LOI. How many open scholarships do they have?
They had 4 redshirt seniors this year, and Jarrett Culver (Soph) is leaving early for the draft, so 5 LOI makes sense.
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Still considering 2019, but will also play on the AAU summer circuit. Decision probably won't come until August at the earliest.
This is baffling to me. Does that mean that right now he has the credits to graduate high school, but that he might opt for another year just to work on his game? Would he be taking college credit courses that will transfer in, too? I know guys go to Prep Schools for a 5th year, but I thought that was usually the opposite -- needing the extra year to get the credits. If he's ready to graduate, why not reclassify? Or is it an issue of thinking he'll REALLY blow up next year, skills-wise, and vault himself into the Top 10 recruit, one-and-done conversations? Like the arguments we make about college freshman -- stay another year and go from 1st rounder to Lottery Pick.
If what I have read on line is correct, none. At the moment. We don't know whether a current player might leave, but I bet their coaching staff does.
Just read a Texas Tech player has entered the transfer portal within the last hour. Forward, Malik Ondigo.

Aaaaand cue speculation...
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Lester Quinones commits to Memphis

Hardaway has a top 5 recruiting class.
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