Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

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Little Rock, Arkansas
Wow, just wow on January. I thought I had this recruiting thing sort of figured out and along comes this. What a bomb. Nobody saw this coming. His signing is one thing, but actually suiting up will be the true test.
It’ll definitely be something interesting to keep tabs on.
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Chicago, IL
Damn that roster has some familiar names: Carlton Bragg and JaQuan Lyle. Blast from the past.
Fun fact: Malcolm Hill was born two months before Bragg and four before Lyle. No wonder it seems like they've been around forever.
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If Patterson reclassifies and commits (to us), that would be a huge coup. Would need to recalibrate our recruiting expectations. I know we've been recruiting him hard for awhile, just thought the reclassification chances were low, as we hadn't heard anything about it recently. Is Underwood leading that recruitment?
Pretty sure there was info that just came out, stated that he plans to make a decision in the fall. End of April recruiting thread. #826
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