Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May 2019)

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In order to get Kaubke the staff would have to be actively pursuing him.
I find it strange they aren't. Not saying he blue chipper, but I would imagine that's about as easy a recruitment we would get. Considering we're losing quite a bit next year, and still have three open chairs this year, why not take a flyer (regardless of earliness).

Staff better be certain they are getting 2+ guards of much better quality to let a recruit like this slip away. Then again I'm not a talent evaluator...
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Surprised SLU or mizzery aren't involved
Mizzery is involved and offered about one month after we did. We were first offer. Since then, St Louis, Mizzou, Stanford, K-State, Va Tech, GTech and Cinci have offered.
The way this recruiting thing has turned out, I'd be happy with any fall signee. Granted there's still A LOT to play out for 2020, but I'd like to see BU double, hell triple, the amount of fall signees he's had.
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