Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May-June 2018)

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Following recruiting will drive you crazy. I wish I had taken the blue pill and continued to just cheer for the guys on my team(s) when they showed up on campus.

But, alas, once you've swallowed that red pill you can never go back to ignorant bliss.
I blame Shaun Livingston. I heard about his pending decision on sports talk, found an Illini blog, and have wasted 1000's of hours since then. :frustrated:
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Well unfortunately my pixel was dying every couple hours after a full charge, also it was extremely warm, too hot to touch sometimes. I loved the pixel ...about as much as Damone loved Stacy...
I'll admit, my battery life isn't what it once was, but I will just replace it with a Pixel 3 this fall. I can't switch because it has all of my saved autocorrects, like Damonte or Dosunmu. I can't be bothered to reteach a phone such things.
So... Okoro? I don’t even know anymore.
Without any solid info, we all wait and watch. The staff keeping the lid on all recruitment info, does get little frustrating, but it's the best way to let recruit do his thing. See what tomorrow brings, your not hearing anything about any new targets, I'd say BU has pushed all chips in on Okoro. Still like our chances.;):illinois:
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