Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (May-June 2018)

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I haven’t followed recruiting lately... are there any 5th year transfer bigs out there still? We have 3 open schollies for 2018-19 now, I can’t imagine we aren’t going to fill at least 2 of those with new players, right?
Who is out there that's any good or would want to come here?
We’ve got a decent amount to sell I’d say: big ten, lots of TV, Maui, guaranteed major pt, surrounded by talented guards, potential “missing piece” to successful season

I just don’t have any idea if there’s anyone out there even. I’ll keep my fingers crossed...
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I believe the strategy is a solid
I don't. It looks reactive to me. Recruiting is a rough game, so I'm not about to second guess it. If the staff has made mistakes, I imagine they're learning what they can, and giving it everything they have to bring in upper tier talent.

We have 2 big guys on the roster, one of which is an intriguing 7 footer, so that's a start. The turnover is hard to get my head around though.
Is there a movie on this flight?
Obviously, we're in scramble mode for 2018 bigs. Gotta land 2. Grad transfer and a project? (project: cause all that's left is scraps). At least our net is large. Going to be an interesting summer.
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