Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (November 2019)

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Let's hope you're wrong.

TF's quiet start could be for any of a number of reasons that have been stated in multiple threads.

Bottom line, Trent needs to put together a season that gets him at least honorable mention for all big ten. Anything short of that probably means the team is essentially under performing. I'm not currently worried because I think he's going to light it up. but if a senior frazier isn't an all big ten performer, i'll be very disappointed.
Junior Trent Frazier.... Weird huh?
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I am deducting points because he didn't post the actual .gif instead of the photo.....

Sadly my old laptop died and I no longer have that, I'm sure someone does....
It actually is the .gif but something is wonky with the copy/paste on my iPad, and it just does a screen grab or something. I’m on vaycay without my laptop.

I promise I will make up those points.
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Didn't he play against Gobby, Leon Gobcynski
Yes he did, they were fun games to go to. Sikma was much better but Gobby worked his but off to try to compete. One game the Millikin band got a technical for playing 3 Blind Mice on a call no one liked.
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2021 is an interesting year. Frazier is for sure gone, given Kofi's start I see it difficult to envision him here more than 2 years, and Miller seems like the type of kid whos jumping regardless (barring an injury or terrible play). That team should be absolutely stacked with seniors,I could see the staff trying to grab a few kids in the 75~150 range, and really pushing 2022 hard, given the amount we would potentially lose.

Not sure the last time we've not really had a glaring need, and I get attrition is a real thing and that the cart is about 2 miles ahead of the horse at this point, but our roster construction hasn't been this promising for a very long time. On court results still need to come, but it's hard to really complain about the players BU has brought in and how this roster has been shaped.
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