Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (November-December 2018)

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With all this talk about a potential transfer coming...

Don't forget about DJ Stewart over at Mississippi State.

Kid the staff liked really early, I don't know if he has even appeared in a game yet since he has no stats currently.
Good call and probably on point...they were redshirting him?
So 'Ol Dirty Gamer' is telling us not to be too excited.

'Deep Throat' is telling us it should be a welcome addition.

It's obvious which screen name carries more historical credibility ; )
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2020 St Louis area wing Luke Kasubke lands Illinois offer

2019 Christian Brown
When asked if there were any programs that stood out at the moment, Brown offered up the names of these programs.
"Clemson, NC State, Illinois, St Johns, and Georgia"

Illinois is in tonight for 2020 four-star Andre Curbelo, sources told Stockrisers. Hofstra and Quinnipiac also on hand

Caleb Love scored an effortless 25 points in a 85-75 win over Chaminade in front of Texas, Louisville, UVA. and Illinois
His start to this year has been about as bad as it could be.

Not that it means a whole lot, seeing as he wouldn't be eligible to play until Jan. of 2020 if he transfers before the start of this years second semester. I would take him, but I wouldn't expect much until the 2020-2021 season (not that any mid season transfer would provide much a boost before then anyways.)
he'd learn the system before hitting court.
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