Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2017)

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I honestly think a lot of you guys are thinking small time. Ayo isn't just thinking about going to the pros. He's thinking about creating a legacy. He's been afforded the opportunity to talk to two of basketballs most influential figures that happened to be Illinois alumni. Mannie Jackson the
of the Harlem Globetrotters, and we all know who Jerry Colangelo is.
Mannie indeed owned the Globetrotters for a time but the founder and creator was a little jewish dude named Abe Saperstien. It's hell being an old guy
Deron is no longer in the league. Was just using active NBA players. ^^^ Didn't realize Brandon Paul had signed. Not exactly the best representative you want to tout to a recruit considering he is 26 and has yet to play a game. But I do think he is technically in the league (might be a 2 way contract though...right?)

Why isn't Paul a rep we want to tout? He was a good citizen during his time at Illinois and obviously is a hard worker with great desire and perseverance. These are great traits and some of this was instilled during his time at Illinois.

Go talk **** about Brandon Paul somewhere else.
hey fellas....hearing* we have another great guard joining the conference....just a stable of guards over at ILL these days! :)

*I am NOT insider....just know some big10 people...relax :p
Starting to get nervous here. He doesn’t seem like the trolling type....

Yeah, there's no way he's intentionally trolling WF fans.

So, this leaves us two options:

(1) He's hinting very clearly that he's going to Wake

(2) He's giving Wake fans some love and appreciation to lessen the pain of dumping them tomorrow.

If it's the first, we are going to have some seriously hostile conversations around here about the value of Chin Coleman and Brad Underwood's ability to recruit at a high level.

If it's the second, Wake Forest fans are going to curse Ayo's name the way we curse Cliff Alexander.

Either way, tomorrow is going to be bitterly disappointing for somebody. There's really no sense putting too much stock in anything on social media until tomorrow evening. This will all be over in 26 hours.
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Frank Williams did not go pro after his red shirt sophomore year, when he was projected #2 (it's been a while, sorry if off a little). He went after his r/s junior year, with a degree and was drafted in the 20's.

By the way, Tyrone Wheatley, RB UM, has a similar situation, waited a year and it cost him.

I am using memory for this, but I feel pretty certain I am close.
I realize all this, but his original post didn't mention "lottery" pick, just that he was for sure a one and done. His subsequent post qualified what he meant.
It's all good. I would be thrilled if Ayo is a lottery pick and that's exactly what he wanted, the kid and his family deserve it.:illinois:
Why isn't Paul a rep we want to tout? He was a good citizen during his time at Illinois and obviously is a hard worker with great desire and perseverance. These are great traits and some of this was instilled during his time at Illinois.

Go talk **** about Brandon Paul somewhere else.
Amen!! Brandon Paul is an excellent example of an outstanding alum. He just kept working at his game and it has now paid off. He gives back to the UI in both time and money. It's too bad some people knock him because of Darius, but we need more Brandon Paul's.
by the way...was chatting big10/upcoming season stuff the other day with my guy...said he had knowledge about a month ago from another recruit in nolleys circle that nolley was never going to ILL....apparently others knew this.....not sure on how/why but I know it impacted several recruiting streams.....I'd say 99% AD knew about nolley before anyone.....
Not sure. But it's pretty striking that O'Brien is willing to lead into it with "I know pretty much for a fact.."

He's not one to invent stuff, nor does he have any incentive to.
As they pointed out later in that podcast; if the Illini staff helped him set up the announcement and he chooses WF...well that's the nutpunch to end all nutpunches. If O'Brien's source is accurate then I'm feeling pretty good about tomorrow. :shield:
Probably Jerry Colangelo at the very least, who is an Illinois alumnus.

I would think this guy alone, is enough to know to be able to call, even if not on speed dial
We can simply agree to disagree on that I guess. Ayo wants to be a 1 or 2 and done. There aren't many schools that can boast as good a record of developing pros as Wake Forest the past decade or so.

Currently it is:

Chris Paul
Jeff Teague
Ish Smith
James Johnson
Al Farouq Aminu
John Collins


Myers Leonard

Additionally Manning is a 17 year NBA vet and was the #1 overall pick himself. Underwood is a good coach and has had a lot of success, and most likely is going to win a lot of games. If Ayo is looking at the NBA as his goal (which it clearly is), Wake Forest seems to have the upper hand.
There is a great argument: "Come to Wake Forest and you could become the next Ish Smith!"

If you want to use this reasoning, how many point guards has Danny Manning developed into NBA players? Underwood had Jawun Evans just last year.

And if you are going to throw out Chris Paul, then you have to mention Deron Williams, who is a big, smooth point guard like Dosunmu and would be a better mentor to him than a Chris Paul who is a small, jitterbug type guard.
I'll take the under.

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The level of competition we faced on the court in 2004 is the same level of competition I am sensing right now in this battle. All signs seem to point to another easy win.

A 5* athlete from Chicago is not going to choose Wake Forest. (Just reading the tea leaves).
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