Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2019)

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Y'all have clearly never been in Humboldt Park 😂

If you told them a Puerto Rican kid was playing for Illinois, I promise you that 85% of the folks there would be wearing his Illinois jersey. And they'd buy it in every possible color
They'd buy it from a street vendor that doesn't pay royalties.
The NCAA isn’t allowing athletes to earn money from their own likeness quite yet.

They’ve essentially agreed that they’re no longer going to prevent it, but have said specifics will need to be established for each division and they’ve set up working groups to start the process that begin next spring.

An issue as complex as this will not be resolved or go into effect for a long time. For example, the California law that forced the NCAAs hand on this doesn’t even go into effect until 2023. I’d expect a similar timeline from the NCAA on implementation.

Of course, it’s very unlikely that high school kids will realize this. But sadly, it’s unlikely that class of 2020 kids will have much of a chance before they’ve exhausted eligibility.
I agree, just something that will be sold to recruits going forward.
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if i know anything about 247/crystal balls, i’d expect a couple crystal balls in miami’s favor.. maybe even jerry meyer himself. the guy loves page views
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Do we know if there is going to be any broadcast of the announcement??
From earlier posts it sounds like with 48 hours and for some reason we’re to start sabotaging our railroads. 😧
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