Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (September 2019)

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Lots of conversation on another message board confirming this saying ASU, "taking care" of Nick Irvin. So hiring Chin only got us 1 recruit and 2 years of good will?

Yep, even to the point of Hurley hiring Nick. It will be interesting to see if Nick comes with Miller to C/U. Supposedly, Nick was with him on the trip to Arizona. People must realize that Mike Irvin is without a doubt the master of negotiations and will use any tactic or rumor he can to up the ante. Remember we were in the lead for KFC up to the last 15 minutes of that recruitment.
Coleman Hawkins just sounds like an Illini players name.
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All this ASU hiring Nick Irvin reminds me of the "let's hire Robert Smith" talk. Remember neither has their degree.
Recruiting is fluid.:) The new ASU CB is from Slater. He was 2nd in line after Piper to call Kofi to Illinosi.

Slater also predicted Kasubke to K-State albeit, late the night before he actaully announced, like many others CB's.
Id be pleasantly surprised to see Adam Miller play basketball at The University of Illinois. College basketball in 2019 is just an entirely different animal than it was “back in our day”, and its been as such for a while now. The word insidious comes to mind. Miller is 1-and-done and kids arent trying to build legacies at the college level anymore.
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I know Underwood doesn't look at stars but i do. Anybody know anything about, Hawkins
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