Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

As someone who complained a lot about only having Ayo signed early last year, this is huge to me. Going into spring with minimal slots needed to be filled is good. That extra time allows people to be ready to come in and play (more time to deal with issues like Kane's transcript; more time to monitor Higgs). More time to make connections on the next class.
Really exciting.

Also, a Giorgi/Cockburn frontcourt is going to be fun to watch. They will be a handful.
Wow, this is fantastic. The timing couldn't have been better to give the team and fans a shot in the arm.
I see he posted a Jamaican flag, another thing he and OA no doubt bonded over: island immigrants and NYers.

btw, have we ever in the history of Illini bb had a big man the size of Kofi? He's a massive human.