Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

Captain 'Paign
Phoenix, AZ
I'd expect we'll know something in the next two days. I think a supposed insider said a while back to expect an announcement on or about May 8th. Can't remember who it was now but it seemed awfully specific.
Also I was being sarcastic I’d take him anyday any year regardless of his half court understanding
I think we’re better off without him. I read recently that he struggles in the half court set with understanding the game so we probably dodged a bullet plus he didn’t pick us so he is most likely overrated:)

Would we accept him if his name appeared on the now omnipresent portal. (What was life like when there was no portal? Cannot recall.,)
So that leaves us with two spots open. Hopefully one is going to Holyfield. Any ideas on the second? Moss maybe or the Juco player who visited whose last name I believe starts with a W? I won’t attempt to spell it as I will butcher it to a degree that nobody could take my post seriously in the future