Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

It would be interesting to know what BU ios thinking and is looking for for next year and the one following. I feel that it is likely that Ayo is going pro and that at least one and possibly two transfer (tev, Hamlin). That would not shock me at all. I wonder how the transfers and a health Verdonk that we have now will fit into the line up and if we are still taking Benard K. I hope we can land a little more of a physical 4/5 tat can shoot effective.y outside of the paint to go with thos ewe have coming in. I wish we knew what BU thinks about who will be here next year and who won, were the transfers abilities fit in and how that can effect our recruiting.
Hamlin is getting reasonable minutes considering he was thinking of going a year of prep and he seems to be learning a lot from Giorgi/Kofi. I don’t think he transfers.

Underwood is going to sell Hamlin that Kofi is a 2 year guy and that Giorgi/Hamlin will play center in 2021-22 and that Hamlin gets the nod his senior season. If Hamlin gets over recruited in the 2021 or 2022 class he may transfer at that point but not yet unless he moves to the mid major game to get more minutes that way.
I don't really see why this is an instance where we would even want to "steal back." It sounds like there were some behind the scenes issues as well, as he was suspended indefinitely from the Mizzou team.

"Hard to say, really. Would he have made the exact same choices given a totally different set of life circumstances? There's no way to know or claim that." - sacraig on Carlton Bragg, not on Mario McKinney 🙃
Like his shot. Nice high release.
The form needs a little work though.The ball gets stuck in the "pocket" at the highest point of his release.

(Anytime you see that ball go back behind a players head at the highest point of his release, even just slightly... that is what I mean by stuck).

If not adjusted to a more complete and fluid motion, it could lead to blocks, alterations, or late close-outs by opponents. Hopefully he can fix the fluidity on it... or he could just grow to 6-10 and it wont matter! 😎

Either way, he is a nice prospect and he has some nice skill sets! Quickness looks to be a bit of an issue and physical development as well. But he's only a Freshman so...

It will be interesting to see how he progresses. He certainly has my interest!
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Doesn’t meet a need imo.
What need won't he fit in 2 years with all others possibly gone or very near being gone? Curbelo is probably the only sure bet to still be here?
There once was with Underwood and staff when he was ranked that way? Why do you assume there may not be now?

I am sure the likes of Auburn, Kansas St, Iowa, Iowa St., Virginia, Xavier, Marquette, Louisville had some interest among others also.
I don't recall that much interest. But part of the reason it might be different is that McKinney didn't look good and also they may feel that they can get someone better.

I certainly think they can get some one better.
I certainly think they can get some one better.
Possibly, but Goode/Barnes are only legit guards recruited now, and even if it's one of them or another high school player, better? Maybe so, but McKinney will have strength/age/hopefully maturity/etc on his side. llinois offered and Underwood and Walker were both in to see McKinney play in high school several times? Maybe nothing who knows, just feel as if we could do worse...Xavier might be a landing spot for him imo as well.
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Per 24/7 Basketball...Wisconsin is loading up with this class talent.

They are already ranked # 1 with Ohio State 2nd as far as class', Minnesota is #7, we had better get ours going to keep up in this league.
Per 24/7 Basketball...Wisconsin is loading up with this class talent.

They are already ranked # 1 with Ohio State 2nd as far as class', Minnesota is #7, we had better get ours going to keep up in this league.
Wayyyy to early to be fretting about this.

Wisconsin has a set of 3 guys committed who are ranked outside the top 100 by 247 composite (112, 141, 142). Their team score would place as a class ranked in the high 20s for the 2020 class.

Them and Ohio State are literally the only high major schools in the country with multiple commits. Ohio States commits include number 78 and 162 by composite, for the record.
Wayyyy to early to be fretting about this.
Agreed with all, just posting as our 2020 class is over with (probably), why not discuss the 2021 prospects and where others may stand. Wisconsin may have the composite where you state, but they are all still 3 4* players...we would love to have that in that year as well I am sure.

As of 2021 Grid showing: Curbelo/Griffin/Miller are our only probables/for sure on the roster. Now alot can happen between now and then obviously. We will have 3-5 slots open more than likely-Goode (?), Barnes (?) 4*-3* and really no one else as far as offers in the guard position/wing capacity so far.
Jordan Nesbitt would be a player I would hope the staff looks at and offers. He will fit a need position wise by year 2, he can handle the ball for his size, and likes too as well, and he just lit up Prolific Prep (Hawkins-Burnett-Green) for 37 pts and 12 boards I believe. Neb has offered as well as many others.
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The next top Peoria hoops player. This kid has hops, handles, can shoot, he's got the tools. Hopefully the family are Illini fans. His brother is a senior on Metamora's team this season.
Sorry. If he develops into a big time player, there is no way he goes anywhere but Gonzaga. We all know they get all the guys with this hairstyle. ;)
6'6" Hutcherson a scoring combo guard had offers from Crieghton, ND. Marquette and others. I am anxious to see what impact he can have. Especailly after a year in practice. I think the potential impact for these transfers next season may higher than expected. I think one or even both may jump some guys and get into the rotation. 6'6" skilled guards should cause problems especailly if they are good shooters.
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