Illinois League of Legends Team

Hey guys,
Just posting to show some love to our League of Legends team, who advanced to the semifinals of the college championships yesterday.
For those who don't know, League is the most popular video game in the world, and regularly has millions simultaneously tuning in to online broadcasts to watch the game be played by professionals. I won't call it sports because that might offend people, but I felt like they deserve some recognition as they had 20,000+ viewers and beat Waterloo.

A few pictures of the pregame and postgame attached.

Also, here is the link to watch it and see what its all about if you're so inclined! :
(If you do click the twitch link, please be aware the chat that is alongside the video may have immature and inappropriate content typed in it, so be aware and minimize as some of the chat might be NSFW banter).


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