Illinois Music Collection

Just got to looking into this and apparently after his death the woman from the song came forward and said it actually took place in Peoria
We Ready
Merced CA
I had always heard that it was Peoria as well. FWLIW.
So almost have a good Fogelberg story...while in school I blew off my family & went to Aspen with Aunt/Uncle & first cousins, they had a condo, mostly free trip other than lift tickets & some food. I'd just turned 21, cousins were 5 & 6 years older, married and there husbands were a few years older yet...but I had everyone rallied to make one trip to the bars, but after skiing all day they were too tired & blew me off. Next day on the ski slopes everyone was talking about how Fogelberg, Jimmy Buffett, & John Denver showed up at the downtown bars and were jamming. I still hold a grudge on that one.
Planet Earth, when not battling Ming the Merciless
Not sure what the music is, but the subject is pure Champaign Urbana.
Planet Earth, when not battling Ming the Merciless
Okay, it's Dire Straits . . . Walking in the Wild West End.