Illinois-Ohio State Game Cancelled

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Illinois vs Ohio State
Saturday, November 28th
11:00am CT

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Let's be competiive!
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Tyngsborough, MA
Let's stay healthy and give OSU a game.
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Living in Columbus, I’d love to see a win but will settle for a competitive game — because Illini will be 3-0 in b-ball by then.
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8 turnovers in the last two games. That will have to continue if we want to be competitive.
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We can win this game
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The whole B10 east stinks! Go West, Go ILLINI!
Tyngsborough, MA
FS1....I hope we get better announcers.
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Morris, IL
Hopefully a big day for Brandon Peters against the bucknuts. Indiana's Penix Jr. was 27/51 passing, for 491 yds, 5 TDs, 1 INT against OSU. OSU's pass defense is 10th in the B1G in yds allowed. Their rush defense is 2nd in the league in yds allowed. Indiana rushed for -1 yds net against OSU. Indiana's leading rusher had 10 yds on 3 carries. May Brandon Peters have a sore arm next Sunday.
This is probably a fact as I think about it.

A Bowl Game on the line

We will play in a Bowl even if we don't win another game as long as an invite is received as the win requirement is waived for this season.

The question is if Big Ten schools will be able to play in Bowls vs teams using different COVID plans. Obv exceptions would be made for teams in the playoff.
I tend to disagree. I don't think 2-7 teams will be invited to a bowl.

(Perhaps we're saying the same thing.)
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I tend to disagree. I don't think 2-7 teams will be invited to a bowl.

(Perhaps we're saying the same thing.)

We are, but we are a P5 team even if not a strong one, and some up and coming program will be looking to make some kind of statement regardless.
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