Illinois vs Nebraska in Dublin, Ireland (Aug. 28th, 2021)

Former Krush Cow
South Bend, IN
I wonder what they will charge for tickets. At $100 per we would need to sell 15,000 tickets. How will tickets be sold? The only thing that I've seen so far are tour packages at ~$5k/person.
I assume selling to European fans/those interested. The NFL games in London sell out and nobody cares about the Bears or Raiders. We aren't Notre Dame, but in 2012, 15,000 tickets were sold in 2 hours and 35k Americans went to Dublin to watch the game.
According to the map on the sale sight, Nebraska has already sold out 7 of their 11 sections. We have sold out 0 of the 6 we have available. Lol.
You can see how this all comes together. Notre Dame and Navy will play anywhere, BC can see the appeal, but they don't want to have the same teams all the time, who travels amazingly and would have fans jumping at the chance? Nebraska! But any team with that sort of fanbase would never just give away a home game (except ND who has fantasies about being a national school and does this all the time) so who's dumb enough to play the sucker here? Ooh, I know who!
Well yeah, if someone has to play the loveable punching bag for all eternity, why not us?

Maybe the endgame here is if we get people to feel sorry enough for us they'll just let us claim National Championshops on their behalf.
I guess losing in America got boring so why not lose in Ireland? We look like we'll be even more patheticin 2021 than we are this year with 30 now juniors leaving after next year
I mean...why not do it? We'd be losing in front of a pro-Nebraska crowd at Memorial Stadium anyways...might as well have an excuse to lose in a pro-Nebraska environment overseas.