Iowa 63, Illinois 0 POSTGAME

What can you say about this. The team quit. The coaches quit. I’m sure any prospective recruit will never sign up to join this train wreck.
Should Lovie be fired? Sure. Will he....NO!
Time for Whitman to do his job. Or pack his bags too. He’s being granted a ton of leniency if he gets to make another hire after botching this one with the money he had.
Whitman must be thinking, oops.
He has to act fast in my opinion to be taken seriously re the football mess we have. I am guessing that at this point he is considering hard how the debacle will affect his position and legacy.
Someone articulate to me how keeping this coach and staff is a positive.
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Sure, it’s possible that Lovie can turn it around in year four or five. But there’s no evidence that it will happen. It’s just a leap of faith at this point.

Personally, I’ve been watching bad football for 35 years, and it’s not a leap I’m making. 63-0. That says it all.
Today, for the first time in my life, I removed Illini football from my “favorites” on the ESPN app. Turned off all notifications about the team. I can’t take it in Georgia for over 12 years now has made it hard enough to follow this team.

Here is to praying the men’s basketball team turns it around in the next year or two...
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Just out of curiosity who was the last coach, or has there ever been a coach that resigned and said I am just not up to the task, my heart is not in it.
As bad as this football program is, it would only be way worse if Whitman does nothing.
This loss will have a long lasting impact on recruiting.

This is so devastating.
This must prompt a program change or Illinois football will be even more of a joke than the national perception is currently.

The only positive spin here is that this one ended the current coaching / staff .
A lot of posters were thinking this was a winnable game. I'm not sure what Illini football they have been watching.
Time for change.
I've maintained throughout the past 3 years that Lovie should be given a full 4 years, no matter what, given the mess he walked into. Fortunately, I don't have an actual say in the matter. Really disappointing to watch pretty much the whole team (except maybe Ra'Von) just completely roll over. That was a spectacular display of quit.
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Lovie isn't getting fired and there are about 11 million reasons why he isn't resigning.

This was an unbelievably pathetic performance but Lovie will be back