Iowa 72, Illinois 65 POSTGAME

Baltimore, MD
Great game by the good guys. Would have loved to have won this one, but we played them tough for 40 minutes, but just fumbled it down the stretch. So excited to see how the guys have grown over the past 2 months.
Quad Cities
We knew it would be 8 vs 5 .......always is at carver Hawkeye. Definitely need Ayo and Kofi to show up to win tough road games.
Likes: PNWIllini
Their stars played exceptional and ours were limited, Ayo struggled against the zone, Kofi struggled with the home cooking foul calls.

Normally I don't say fouls were the reason for a loss in particular or in part, but today we got homered a bit on the inside calls. That said, our offense was not crisp, our defense was standard, and our team is the better team overall imo. Bench showed up and starters struggled a bit...fouls definately determined the game flow and sub patterns however.