Iowa 83, Illinois 62 POSTGAME

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Kofi, January and hopefully an improved Samba and Tevian can't get here soon enough. This team needs length and size to go with the backcourt. Thank you so much for your contributions Aaron and Adonis. Only wish you could've seen the NCAA Tournament.
Well said. The gap feels huge after tonights game, but I dont think we are that far off.
It is just tough, we not only have no size but we really are not great athletically. I don’t know about the pressure defense. I love fast paced basketball, but with a very “not long” team that is only average athletically it just does not seem to work very well. Is adding Kofi and hopefully January enough? I have no idea, but it would sure be fun to be a good team again.
Having heart is great, all out effort I'd great, all of the buzz words are great.

This team needs size, it needs shooters and it needs a second year PG who can control the tempo and be more efficient in getting them set up.

A lot of good things this year, however there are still glaring needs.
Yep. Size is coming. 3 point shooting will improve. Not sure how much. Athleticism will increase with TJ and AG getting more tick, another years in the weight room with Ayo and GB. Arrow pointing up.
Well said. The gap feels huge after tonights game, but I dont think we are that far off.
Meh. Don't think the gap is that big, we beat some good teams this year (Michigan State, Maryland) and played some others pretty well (Gonzaga, Michigan). Our lack of length can just be exposed by most good teams and hoping the personnel is better next year. We just can't have the mass exodus like we did last year.

Think we can be a Top 25 team next year. 8/6 from Kofi, more efficient scoring from the freshmen and Trent, and a defense that improves by 5-8 PPG would get us to single digits losses with an easier non conference schedule. Don't think any of that is out of the realm of possibility if the core returns.
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