Iowa 95, Illinois 71 POSTGAME

bad game.....on to the next

This is by far the worst Ayo's looked in the last 6 games or so and he still ends up with 15 pts and 6 assists......i know the shooting stats were bad but this dude screams special
I don’t think i’ve seen a team get more wide open looks than iowa. Inside or outside.
There’s no excuse for letting a team shoot 68% for a game.
Ayo’s offense is smooth even though he shot cold from three, but his defense is awful. The kid is a worker, so i expect him to find a way to improve.
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We need to see individual player improvement from here out. We can stop talking about NIT or BTT because it is a pipe dream. Need to beat the Penn States and Rutgers if we can. More Kane, Griffin, Jones...Kipper should come off the bench and not play more than a few minutes per half unless he shows something. As I said a few weeks ago, transfers and spring recruiting will tell the tale. If Cofi comes, a big positive for recruiting. If not, we will be looking for new coach at end of next year.
I see Iowa shot over 15-21 from 3 at a 71.4% and 34-50 fg % at 68% overall. WOW, no wonder we got beat by 24. Good to see Kipper is on a streak of 0 point games. Didn't get to watch the game, but please tell me he didn't play meaningful minutes? Also, Ayo and Trent went 4-17 from 3 while Wieskamp & Moss went 11-12.
For those calling for "adjustments" from Underwood to stop helping off of shooters, to give you an idea of what we we're working from ... on the season Iowa is shooting 35% and rank 120th in the country from long range. Today they shot 71%. Yes, that was in large part to us helping off, but as I mentioned in the game thread, if we didn't either Garza and Cook go off, Georgi fouls out in the first 2 minutes or all of the above.

We decided early on, we we're going to help off, if they hit shots, they're going to beat us. Not a bad wager if you're looking at how they've shot from distance over the course of a season.

As I'm sure Underwood will tell us at the start of his postgame, "Credit to Iowa." ;)
Maybe, Iowa was shooting 35% from 3 , because other teams have been up on the shooters. As far as Giorgi getting in foul trouble if you didn't help out i thought the time Kane was in his height had an impact on Garza and i wouldn't have minded him going head to head against , Garza. And please don't tell me early on they decided to play it like they did defensively (leave shooters), that's what coaches do try something else when what you planned isn't working.
Well that was brutal. We needed a lot of things to go right to win and none of them did. Iowa defense completely took away our drive and kick out game. We shot poorly, but there weren’t a lot of open looks. Iowa was the more physical team and the more experienced team. Both showed. The defense was quick to collapse and their three point shooters killed us. If they hadn’t Garza would have had 40. Gorgi played hard but not quite strong enough yet for that match up.

On to the next.
I disagree i don't think Garza would have scored 40. And since they've scored 300 points in the last 3 meetings i think giving Garza the chance to score 40 is worth a try. You know why Bohanon only got 4 shots, because Frazier was in his shirt all game. Yeah, he made 3 but i don't remember the circumstances whether any of the shots were transition. And i think Kane could have caused more problems for, Garza. I'm always bewildered by his minutes. Not that Giorgi hasn't played well he has. I'd give Kane and Giorgi some minutes on the floor together if this is all Nichols is going to contribute.
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