Iowa State 84, Illinois 68 POSTGAME

I didn’t see the game, out for wife’s birthday. I recorded it, but saw the score and was so deflated I couldn’t watch. I’m trying to put it in perspective, that any team can have a bad game and/or suffer from a let down after a tough (and late) game, but it’s really frustrating.
I am braced for another season of losing to teams we should probably beat, and playing teams we should probably be beaten by down to the wire, only to lose.

My fear is that we are becoming a sad program that used to be something in the “old” days, at least as far as today’s ball players are concerned. I don’t want to hear kids answer “really?” When told Illinois used to be one of the better programs in the country.

I guess I’ll just keep watching...keep rooting...keep hoping. Man, it’s tough to be an Illinois fan right now. Go Illini! Please!
We are kind of like St Johns or UNLV.
That's terrible. We're now #327 in the country in opponent 2 point shooting % at 59.7%. Other fun stats, we're #324 in fouls per game at 23.5 and #300 with 25.5 FT's allowed per game. The good news is we're #4 in turnovers forced at 19.8 per you know there's that.
The 19.8 really only applies ( i know kidding), if we convert into say 40 + points as we will give up 1/2 of that in layups and 1/4 in fouls which leaves us 1/4 to add to our actual offense. 100% of the time that will = LOSS?
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Our backcourt is not the problem, our frontcourt is. Trent, Ayo, Feliz, Damonte, and Griffin, collectively, have been good, individually contributing each in his own way.
This is a side note, Obelix always frustrates me preseason because he seems to be a big pessimist and usually during the season I find myself in his corner, a lot. I really appreciate your opinions and level headed take on things.