Italy Tour

I really hope that the failure to make sure our basketball players could go on our basketball team's trip to Italy is the fitting bookend to an embarrassing 13 years of Illinois basketball.
I don't understand how this can be the fault of just one person. This travel issue seems a pretty big snarl that should have been checked by several.
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Tomorrow's #Illini game, for those already in northern Italy, tips at 20:00 at Palestra Comunale - Via Giacomo Matteotti, 13, 21045 Gazzada Schianno VA. Evidently there's no charge for tickets. Just show up.
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It is, but to me one of the most important parts of the trip was to get Kofi and Giorgi on the court together and figure some things out. This whole thing is unbelievable and embarrassing.
I mean yeah don’t get me wrong that would be great and all but to me it’s the memories that they’ll make off the court, on a trip like this, that they’re really missing out on.
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We win by 62 and people still find a reason to be negative?