Izzo outburst w/Aaron Henry

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Without naming names I'm going to say a couple of posters need a timeout. 😁

Dare I weigh in? Ok. I might be more concerned about Izzos rant if he had a history of going off the deep end. Yes he yells at players as many top program coaches do....but this was during a tourney game and the yelling was about effort. I don't have a problem with it. I'm sure that the conversation has been elevated to a fever pitch because....well, controversy is what sells. I'm sure many of the people complaining the loudest included many people who are not even basketball fans. The fact that Izzo made his rant on national tv? Big deal. I have a daughter finishing her freshmen year at the beloved and one of my biggest concerns about being in college is the snowflake/victim culture that pervades virtually all of academia. I love talking about Illini sports on this board - it's a great escape from the daily grind AND I appreciate everyone bringing their opinions....including ones with which I disagree but the moment we are no longer free to express our opinions I will just stop participating. I think the criticism of Izzo is fair but somewhat overblown. There is far more danger in my opinion in putting social/political pressure to force people to behave a certain way than to allow them to speak and even be offensive. Id rather get chewed out by the coach than sit on the bench because the coach didn't dare do what he thought necessary to motivate me.
Great comments here IMO. If someone has not been berated by a boss/coach/parent good on you but, as someone that has it doesn’t make me think any more/less of that person. Different behaviors affect different people differently and that is ok. Particularly agree having different opinions to share here. That’s why I like coming here.
No one is forcing anyone to not share their opinion. Some people think Izzo should be held accountable for his excessive behavior. And being held accountable here only means facing some public criticism which will hopefully create a climate where this type of coaching (which you cannot prove helps or hurts the team, but winning collage basketball games shouldn't be the barometer for acceptable behavior) less and less accepted throughout sports.

Also, others have already talked about the power dynamics that make it unlikely a player would criticize Izzo if they did have a problem and the sports culture that would probably ostracize them if they did. That's why people on the outside need to hold coaches accountable and prevent them from putting players in that position.
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