John Groce Fired

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Nothing but respect for Groce. Sure it didnt work out but he is a class act. He did things the right way and truly cared. Tough when it doesnt work out for good guys, wish him nothing but the best!!
Agree 100%.

The bad luck with injuries and recruiting misses didn't help Groces results but this year with a fairly healthy team sealed his fate.

I imagine it was a very tough call for Whitman but one he new was necessary.

Wish the best for coach Groce.
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Per Woj: Monty staying in NBA even tho Illinois willing to pay him like top college coach.

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And there it is. I sincerely hope that people aren't rejoicing, even if it is agreed it was the right decision.
I agree, but only to a degree. I don't think anyone should rejoice at Groce's expense, but to rejoice that there is hope for the program to improve is completely understandable.

Hallelujah. Nice tribute by Josh Whitman. Now let's go get Williams. Good luck to JG going forward.

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I wish him luck. I like John Groce as a coach and person. Probably just came down to that darn Rutgers game.

I wonder if the Big12 needs another former Illinois Coach.
I wish him the best. A solid guy...he just never got the the results.

Go Illini.
Caught a lot of bad breaks. We'll always have Maui. Good luck in the future John. I'd welcome him back as the women's coach. That is not intended as an insult.
Well, the only thing that's surprising about this is the timing. Which is, quite frankly, pretty surprising.

Sorry it couldn't work out, as JG was definitely a top-notch ambassador for the program and a class act. Gotta get results on the court, though. Next man up!
I would speculate that every person on this board rooted for John Groce. I respect him immensely and I know he is going to succeed somewhere. It was the right move and I truly hope we can find someone with equal character.
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Is it a foregone conclusion that Walker would be gone too?
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Don't feel too bad for the guy. He racked up a couple million. He screwed our program big time. Set us back a bunch. Good guy. But most people are. Can say the same for Weber...
The only negative thing I'll ever have to say about John Groce is that he didn't win enough, which is much more than I can say about his predecessor.

Will miss the man, but the change had to be made, and he's leaving behind a program that is in better shape than the one he inherited in terms of both the record this year vs weber's last team, as well as talent on the roster/incoming recruits. Hopefully the new guy can keep the class together and hit the ground running.
Needed to happen, but this is still a sad day. Was hoping a return to 2000-2005 success under Groce. I hope the next coach keeps the recruiting class intact. Thanks for your effort JG.

Boy Thomas was bad wasn't he?