June 17, 1994

Today is the 25th anniversary of O.J.'s famous white Bronco chase. Definitely one of those you remember where you were moments in the mid 1990s.

ESPN did a great 30 for 30 on the significance of this day. Among the other things that happened on the same day:

-Arnold Palmer playing his final round at the 1994 U.S. Open.
-The commencement of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, hosted for the first time by the United States.
-The New York Rangers celebrating their win in the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals with a ticker tape parade on Broadway, though their parade took place earlier in the day and was largely unaffected by the O.J. events.
-Game 5 of the 1994 NBA Finals between the Houston Rockets and the New York Knicks.
-Ken Griffey Jr. tying Babe Ruth's record of the most home runs, 26, before June 30 in the team's 65th game of the 1994 MLB season.