Jury awards $25 million to mother of former Illini linebacker Jerry Brown


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Jurors in Dallas ruled that Jerry Brown Jr.'s death in the 2012 accident was the fault of both his friend and teammate, Josh Brent, and a now-defunct nightclub, Beamers. Both Brent and the club with its management company were ordered to pay 48 percent of the judgment.
NBC News
Hard to say if the family will ever see any of that money. Josh Brent had no attorney representing him & only appeared in the courtroom when the judge said he would have him arrested if he didnt show up. The club closed down some time ago & owners are probably in bankruptcy. The family had asked for 92 million.
Brent has a job with the Cowboys and will probably have his wages garnished.

I hope he tries a little everyday to make up for what he did to his friend. I also hope he is and stays clean and sober.